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25 September, 2023

Testimonial of Nicole Sadowsky

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Nicole Sadowsky
360 AA ● 370 TS
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Nicole's Testimonial
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Booster Prep
OATBooster is the #1 study tool for the OAT and contains everything you need to prepare for the OAT. See why OATBooster is used by most pre-optometry students.

I never thought it would be possible to reach a competitive score above 300, but OATBooster took it above and beyond.

When I first started studying for my OAT, I thought I could use all my old lecture notes and study on my own. I could not have been more wrong. I quickly realized that the OAT was far more complicated than I had thought. Upon research, I found OATBooster, and am so glad I did. I followed the OATBooster study schedule, with modifications, and studied for approximately 4 months while also being a full-time student.

OATBooster provides all the tools necessary to successfully prepare for the OAT. The biology section of the OAT seems daunting, but OATBooster breaks it down into reasonable portions with LOTS of practice. Using Feralis’s notes and videos, the biology section became much more manageable. The general chemistry and organic chemistry sections are no exception to receiving step-by-step guides to success. Both sections included detailed notes, practice, and videos that helped strengthen each idea. My favorite part about these sections was the detailed explanation videos that could be reviewed after the practice tests. They helped explain challenging concepts in a concise, clear way. When I started OATBooster, there wasn’t much material related to the physics portion of the exam, but as my studying progressed, more was added each day. I can’t attest to this personally, but I think OATBooster is on its way to excelling in physics preparation along with the already excellent preparatory sections.

My absolute favorite thing about OATBooster was the practice tests. Not only were they highly representative of the real OAT, but they allowed me to gauge my progress. I think the practice tests with the explanation videos were the best way to practice my gained skills. As my test day approached, I was insanely nervous. I was calmed, however, by the fact that I had been prepared well by OATBooster, and I had encountered and succeeded in answering many challenging questions already.

I never thought it would be possible to reach a competitive score above 300, but OATBooster took it above and beyond. I reached my goal and passed it by an amount that I couldn’t have imagined was possible. You’ve probably read a thousand different reviews for OAT prep, but I hope that this one can show you just how impactful OATBooster was in my study process and will be in yours. Good luck, you got this!