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25 September, 2023

Testimonial of Joseph Nguyen

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Joseph Nguyen
400 AA ● 400 TS
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Joseph's Testimonial
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OATBooster was indispensable when studying for the OAT!

I started studying for the OAT during the summer of my senior year of college. While trying to get my study materials together, I quickly realized my class notes would be too cluttered with unnecessary information. I looked to online resources but there were few things geared to the OAT and the ones that were had exorbitant prices. Then, after looking at the rave reviews, I decided to get OATBooster.

The note sheets and practice tests on the website were amazing! All the notes were very clear and easy to understand. Better yet, the sheets only had the information that you needed to know, cutting out anything that you wouldn’t. Information-dense sections of the test, like Biology and Organic Chemistry, were very hard to study for, but OATBooster made those sections a breeze. The hardest section to study for was Physics, but the notes and extra practice questions will for sure prepare you for the worst questions they throw at you. The practice test formats for each section are nearly identical to the exam, and the actual questions are incredibly similar.

OATBooster was literally the only thing I used to study, and it certainly paid off. I highly suggest for anyone studying for the OAT to use OATBooster, I’m sure you won’t regret it!