25 September, 2023

Testimonial of Emma Fenrich

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Emma Fenrich
360 AA ● 360 TS
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Emma's Testimonial
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After graduating college, I took a gap year. I recently decided to take the OAT late in the current cycle. I only had about 8 weeks to study before the deadline, and four of those weeks were spent working part-time. Because of my late application, it was imperative that I did well on the OAT. The amount of material OAT Booster has to help prep for the exam far exceeded my expectations. From study guides, videos, and flashcards to practice tests and optional extras, I felt confident on test day that I was thoroughly prepared.

The two most influential aspects of OATBooster on my scores were the timed practice tests and crash courses. Practicing similarly worded questions in a timely manner made test day so much less stressful and much more familiar. After finishing practice exams, the detailed clarifications or explanation videos helped to solidify the content and allow for a much deeper understanding of each topic. The similarity between OATBooster and the actual OAT eased so much anxiety on test day. I felt like I knew what I was doing not only on problems but with the test format as well. I also participated in a mini-crash course on Organic Chemistry and a full-length crash course on qualitative reasoning. To say these helped me would be an understatement. Before taking my Crash Course, I was scoring consistently below 300 on qualitative reasoning. After one afternoon of learning with OATBooster, I was able to use the knowledge and boost my scores throughout the 2 weeks before my exam and end up with a much higher score.

I strongly encourage anyone studying for the OAT to give OATBooster a try. At a lower price compared to competitors with powerful study towels, OATBooster has everything you need and almost nothing you don’t. This will give you the advantage you need, and if you do not know where to start- start here!