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Company Story & Culture

At Booster Prep, our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of educational resources by seamlessly blending engineering, art, and technological innovation. Our commitment is to craft not just educational products, but transformative learning experiences that set new standards in the industry.Our success hinges on our partnerships with some of the finest educators globally. These collaborations enable us to harness diverse expertise and perspectives, ensuring that each product we create is not only innovative but also deeply rooted in real-world educational needs. Our team, a close-knit group of passionate professionals, is dedicated to excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries to produce remarkable educational tools in their respective categories.We believe in the power of education to change lives, and our goal is to empower learners and educators with exceptional resources. At Booster Prep, we are not just creating educational materials; we are shaping the future of learning with every product we develop.

We Make Exceptional Study Tools.


Beautifully Illustrated Custom Videos

To enhance your learning experience, our team has meticulously crafted over 5,000 beautiful illustrations to aid in your preparation for your standardized exam. Each illustration is designed with the specific goal of making learning more intuitive and efficient for you, thereby saving you valuable time.
Beautiful Illustrations
Custom Videos
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Cutting Edge Tech in Education

At Booster Prep, we have created innovative breakthroughs to accelerate student learning using our custom AI. From developing the first software capable of grading Casper text and video responses, to AI that can instantly answer questions related to the specific problem you're working on, we've got your back!
BoosterPrep AI
First company to develop an AI that can grade Casper text and video responses instantly.
We’ve built an AI that can immediately answer your questions regarding text-based subject content.

The Best Platform To Learn

At Booster Prep, we go beyond the conventional approach of heavily relying on question banks. Our aim is to enhance your learning experience with innovative and diverse content, presented through visually appealing mediums. To take it to another level, we’ve created a gamified learning environment, making your educational journey not only effective but also enjoyable.
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Why we standout.

Striving for the best, we create top-notch content that's not only the best on the market but also regularly updated to stay relevant.
Our approach includes handcrafting stunning illustrations that boost your learning, simplifying complex concepts for better understanding.
Learning becomes fun with our gamified content, designed to make your preparation for high-stakes exams enjoyable.
Receive detailed insights into your progress every step of the way, helping you stay on track and improve on areas of weakness.


  • Competitive Pay + Benefits
  • Work with the best talent in the industry
  • Take your application to another level
  • Create revolutionary products that train future healthcare providers

Why Join Our Team?

  • Work RemotelyOur team is completely remote. So you can work from anywhere in the world at your own schedule.
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  • Gain a significant advantage building your applicationWe have a history of selecting top candidates and helping them achieve of their goals. Last year, ~20% of our team were admitted to top schools like Harvard, Columbia, and UPenn.
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  • Earn Top-Tier Compensation with experienceAccelerate your learning by learning exactly what you need to know and save valuable time.
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  • Leave an ImpactThe products we build help thousands of future clinicians, which will ultimately improve the lives of millions of people.