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9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Shahad Talal Alhazmi

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Shahad Talal Alhazmi
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Shahad's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

THIS WAS THE BEST DISCOVERY I EVER MADE FOR MY INBDE PREPARATION and hands down the best resource. I highly recommend this program to anyone going through the same phase.

During my journey in the INBDE preparation, I came across many resources to prepare for the INBDE. As an international student, I had no clue where to spend my money on helpful resources to pass the test. I discovered INBDEBooster just 2 weeks before my test. Here I tried the free questions, and this showed me my strengths and weaknesses. Next, I immediately upgraded my account and spent the last 2 weeks going through the website and trying to do as many questions as possible. INBDEBooster has study notes and cheat sheets, which are useful and were a lifesaver to me and the main pillars of my preparations and the greatest way to recall all the information just before my test day. The INBDEBooster questions also represented what I had on the test day. Overall, I highly recommend it!