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9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Sneha Rao

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Sneha Rao
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Sneha's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

I bought INBDEBooster just 1 month before my exam. And I am thankful I made that decision.
Pharmacology and Ethics are two important parts of the exam, INBDEBooster has an amazing set of practice questions for both these sections. The ethics questions I had on the exam were similar to those I found in the practice sections. The pharmacology section makes you realize where you stand with your preparation with respect to the mechanism of action of drugs. The entire pharmacology section is comprehensive. INBDEBooster also had an excellent section for case-based scenarios, it gave me an idea of what to expect in my exam. The familiarity with the test interface gave me confidence on the final day.

The questions are presented in a way that made me aware of the importance of reading the questions calmly. The Excepts, Except nots, and the questions on blood pressure and systolic/diastolic values are placed smartly to catch you off guard even when you know the answer. This made me efficient at reading questions. The team was outstanding, and very ethical. The student coordinator was always there to answer if and when I had a doubt. I had difficulty understanding recessive disease traits (X-linked or Autosomal). The student coordinator, Dr. Kay, made sure I understood. Their software is also great; it helped me reset the entire section if I wished to retake the practice test. I have regularly seen updates, so the team is on top of new requirements. The test is doable, take one material and stick to it, study the length and breadths and you will pass.