9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Toleen Mazloum

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Toleen Mazloum
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Toleen's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

When I decided to take the INBDE exam, I was confused. When should I start? What sources should I use?! And a lot of questions I had no answer for. I was lost and really needed someone or something to put me on the track at least, and I could go from there.

I had no friends who took the INBDE lately, so I had to read a lot on FB groups, Google, and other pages. This made it worse, I was more confused and I felt upset. After reading many reviews, I found that a lot of people recommended mental dental videos, dental decks, and INBDEBooster. I checked the dental decks before purchasing them, I actually didn’t like them (just my opinion). So I subscribed to INBDEBooster, I found it really organized. All mental dental videos were there, and everything I needed to study as well. The most helpful thing is their study schedule, it really helped me, and put me on a track and organized my studying. Also, I liked it because the notes that they provided were exactly like the mental dental videos but with more explanations! So I didn’t feel like I was studying from two different sources. I liked the practice questions as well, how can I bookmark them and then revise them before the exam. The mock exam they provided was great as well!! It helped me track my progress, pay more attention to the time, and focus on getting the answers right and the time spent on each question. Finally, on test day, I was grateful that the questions were similar to the INBDEBooster style questions and I felt familiar with the exam style, timing, and everything. I didn’t feel like I was doing it for the first time! Thank God I’ve passed this test. I remember a few months ago, it felt impossible. I felt confused and really lost. At that time, I didn’t imagine I could do it by myself. Best of luck to all of you guys. Believe me, it ain’t that hard. Once you know your plan and resources, it will be easier. Give yourself time and believe in yourself, and you’ll do it!