9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Renae Williams

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Renae Williams
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Renae's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

INBDEBooster was a lifesaver!

I happened upon it in a random Google search for Mock Exams because I was dissatisfied with the two other subscriptions that I had from other platforms. One gave me too much information, and their test timing was too long (it didn’t match the exam time even though they said it would), and the test questions were too repetitive. The other subscription gave me a mock exam for which I had to pay extra and was not able to review what I got wrong; that did not help me much. The BEST things about INBDEBOOSTER for me, starting with the best, was the NOTES! Yes, those notes were my bedrock because I left all my notes in my home country. They were not comprehensive, but I didn’t need them because I only had one week. I just needed the high-yield facts in a well-organized way so I could keep track of my progress. The second best part is the fact that INBDEBooster allowed me to review those questions I got wrong especially when the time started winding down towards the exam date. Those MOCK QUESTIONS were my matter, and a bit of the question came on the exam- truly high-yield! I had 4 full weeks to study for my exams and I found INBDEBooster in perhaps the last week. I studied six days/week for about 14 hrs./day. I passed on my first attempt. I highly recommend INBDEBooster as a companion as you brave your exams.