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9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Shivain Chhabra

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Shivain Chhabra
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Shivain's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

After writing and passing the INBDE, I realized that INBDEBooster is the best resource for preparing for the exam. So, if you want to not only study for the exam but also clear it confidently, you should definitely consider INBDEBooster.

This was my first time taking the INBDE, and I was very worried because I had no resources, no study material or no guidance from anyone. But as I began moving forward with my preparation, I got to know about study materials and resources for INBDE, and all of them were referred to the same source to prepare, which was INBDEBooster.

I solved all the questions on INBDEBooster 3 times and found I was very confident about my exam after reviewing all their study material. Once you know which option is correct and why it is correct, you are good to go. The most important part of the exam day is confidence, and I gained this by studying from INBDEBooster.