22 April, 2024

Testimonial of John Apollo

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John Apollo
24 AA ● 25 TS
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John's Testimonial
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Booster Prep
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DATBooster gave me the resources, skills, and confidence to achieve my DAT score.

When using DATBooster, the learning modules and videos, along with the high-yield practice questions for each subject were game-changers for my DAT preparation. Following the 10-week schedule allowed me to have structure in my studying, as well as constant practice, which resulted in immense progress in my test scores from my first practice test to my actual DAT. The general chemistry and biology videos were especially amazing, which allowed me to score a 27 and 26 in the sections! 

Additionally, I attended one of the PAT crash courses that, along with the videos and generators, taught me new techniques and ways of thinking that helped me answer questions more effectively (especially in the Top-Front-End section). I also really enjoyed the PAT introduction videos for each topic, which made learning each type of PAT question easier to digest and understand. The constant updates and new practice questions allowed me to best evaluate my knowledge and obtain as much information as possible. There were always plenty of practice questions for me to use, as well as great answering resources which provide in-depth explanations for the correct choices. DATBooster helped me learn the different sub-types of questions in various sections, and allowed me to get the most amount of preparation in, during my time studying for the DAT. I highly recommend DATBooster to anyone studying for the DAT, the team is great at answering any questions you may have in a very timely fashion.