20 May, 2024

Testimonial of Brian Anthony Henry

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Brian Anthony Henry
26 AA ● 28 TS
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Brian's Testimonial
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My studies started similar to many other prospective dental students, with the choice of which study program to use. I opted for DATBooster due to the numerous outstanding reviews across a variety of groups and websites, along with it being cheaper than many other programs. I followed the 12 week study guide due to being a few years passed many of the core classes that the DAT tests on. I followed the schedule to a tee for the first phase, and then dove right into test taking and reviewing. I believe that the key to my success was the practice tests DATBooster provides. After finishing a test, I thoroughly reviewed every single question in the sciences, PAT, and QR sections, and took notes on all questions that I incorrectly answered, and questions that I felt I did not know strongly enough.

DATBooster will instill a ton of knowledge and confidence in you, helping you walk into the test room feeling fully prepared. I fully attribute my success on the test to DATBooster. The team is quick to respond, and very helpful in clearing up any confusion that you have. You will not regret choosing DATBooster for all of your studying needs!