7 January, 2024

Testimonial of Harsh Chheda

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Harsh Chheda
25 AA ● 24 TS
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Harsh's Testimonial
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Booster Prep
DATBooster is the #1 study tool for the DAT and contains everything you need to prepare for the DAT. See why DATBooster is used by most pre-dental students.

An amazing resource and the best bang for your buck! DAT Booster is a great resource for taking the DAT, it is very representative and provides challenging practice tests that are very indicative of your actual DAT score.

Using DAT Booster’s study schedule, I completed my content review and then incorporated their
tests and generators into my study plan. I studied for the DAT for about 10 weeks and DATBooster
was by far the most representative resource out of what I had used while studying. The
customization of question difficulty and response time when you ask a question were also
important aspects of why I recommend DATBooster as the primary study resource to others.

In terms of starting DAT prep, I highly recommend completing the DAT the summer after taking
your organic chemistry course at college. This was very helpful for me as I was able to study for
about 2.5 months and did not have to review much of the organic chemistry section since it was
fresh. Given that, I was able to utilize DATBooster’s practice tests and practice sheets for organic
chemistry as they provided the perfect overall review for the subject. General chemistry was my weakest subject, so I heavily relied on DATBooster to guide me through learning this subject. DATBooster’s practice tests were very representative of both the chemistry sections and the videos along with the review sheets were a great resource. In addition to this, while starting to study for the DAT, I recommend practicing Reading and QR from the start. I was not particularly strong in reading, so I would read scientific articles daily in the morning to improve my reading skills. With QR, I would just complete 10-15 problems a day, going over a variety of topics.

The Biology and PAT sections are the number 1 reason why I recommend utilizing DAT Booster. The PAT section of DATBooster is the most updated compared to other platforms and will be the most representative on what you see on the actual DAT in terms of problem type and scoring. The practice tests are extremely beneficial as well as the generators as you can adjust the level of difficulty.  The Biology section is the best at DATBooster as you face many different questions with the tests and supplemental questions with each section. This section is especially difficult because it is a flood of information, but DAT Booster provided great summary sheets and questions to best guide you for the exam. For biology, I recommend creating a document with different charts and topics to memorize. This helped me as I would review this document every night to familiarize the material better. 

Overall, when you are comparing various different platforms, I highly recommend adding DATBooster to your list. The program is fairly priced and will be the best resource you can use when studying for the DAT. When students ask me if I had to choose just one resource to study from, I always mention using DATBooster as it will be the most representative program for your DAT.