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20 November, 2023

Testimonial of Brian Leshchinsky

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Brian Leshchinsky
23 AA ● 22 TS
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Brian's Testimonial
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Words cannot simply describe how great of a resource DATBooster has been in understanding all the possible material for the exam.

After roughly 3 months of studying for the DAT in the summer, I took the DAT a few weeks ago and received an AA score of 23. Words cannot simply describe how great of a resource DATBooster has been in understanding all the possible material for the exam. Your biology notes (I am more of a textbook/note learner therefore I mainly focused on the notes and then only watched videos when a concept was hard to visualize), were highly concise and the information provided was written in a way that was easily understood. Your general chemistry notes were straight to the point and explained exactly what was necessary to know. Furthermore, the practice problems in between the information were highly effective in testing to see whether or not the material was understood. Most importantly, your organic chemistry section (which I had got a 26 on), provided an incredibly strong foundation in the idea behind how reactions work which allowed all required organic chemistry reactions to be easily understood rather than memorized. I wanted to say thank you for everything. Thank you for providing me with the knowledge needed to do well on this exam, thank you for organizing this knowledge in a manner where it can be effectively understood, and most importantly thank you for all the hard work everyone put into making DATBooster the best resource for acing the DAT! My younger sister in a few years will also be taking the DAT and I know she will definitely be using DATBooster to ace her exam!
With such an amazing platform, I am excited to see what new features will be released in the future! One thing I know that would surely help students would be to add more questions in the "extra questions" section for general chemistry, organic chemistry, and math topics. I have been tutoring students in chemistry for about 2 years now and organic chemistry for about 4 months and I found that doing plenty of practice questions leads to an improved understanding of the topics. I took a similar approach while studying DAT and by doing practice problems for those topics in particular, I improved my scores on practice tests drastically. 

Again, thank you so much for preparing me for my DAT exam and I will be telling all my friends that DATBooster is the go-to platform for a highly competitive DAT score!