16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Mashud Ahmad

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Mashud Ahmad
25 PAT ● 27 MDT
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Mashud's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

DATCrusher was an intricate part of me receiving admission into The University of Alberta DDS program.

For my application, I focused on three subjects that were required: PAT, MDT, and RC. I am happy to say my scores drastically increased from the start to the end of my DAT studies. Starting off with the PAT, I was able to breeze through the PAT section on the DAT with skills I mastered due to DATCrusher. The skills required on the practice PAT tests are higher than on the DAT, but that is key to excelling on the PAT. For the MDT, this probably took the most amount of time and the clear videos taught me step by step on how to perfectly carve a soap. Lastly, the RC was the hardest section of the DAT for me and the one that I was the most nervous for. Luckily, with the strategies provided by DATCrusher and practice, I was able to receive the score I hoped for.

DATCrusher has a lot to offer to students. There is no better resource in Canada that will help you excel on the DAT than DATCrusher. They have an enormous test bank for each DAT subject with excellent one-on-one support. I highly recommend DATCrusher to any student who wants to crush the DAT!