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16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Aidan Loong

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Aidan Loong
24 AA ● 25 TS
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Aidan's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

DATCrusher is the only source you need to excel in the Canadian DAT!

Working full-time in the morning and studying after work hours was very hard on me mentally and physically. But DATCrusher was able to prepare me for my DAT in less than 2 months. Specifically, in the biology section, I love that DATCrusher covers all the information you need exactly for the Canadian DAT. Nothing is overly simplified and most importantly, it doesn’t dive deep into overly complex concepts. All the notes created by DATCrusher are organized, colourful and have illustrations that make studying more interactive and interesting.

Initially, I had a difficult time in the PAT section, but the detailed explanations, solution videos and 3D models taught me how to tackle these problems in the most effective and strategic way. The PAT generators are also helpful for specific sections that you don’t feel confident in and would want extra practice on. The DATCrusher practice problems are very representative of the actual DAT. These practice problems helped me understand my weaknesses and I was able to prioritize my time for my weaker areas. In my case, I was scoring well in chemistry and I shifted my focus to sections that I was weaker in such as biology and PAT. I was shocked at my actual score because I have never scored this high on any of the practice tests. I would recommend DATCrusher to all students who are looking for the most representative resource for the Canadian DAT.