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16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Cici Wong

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Cici Wong
25 AA ● 25 TS
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Cici's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

My final thoughts are that DATCrusher is definitely all you will need to ace the Canadian DAT.

DATCrusher’s organized, well-structured notes made it incredibly easy to learn and study the materials, especially for chemistry. The notes for chemistry were fantastic at explaining key concepts and important terms, and despite chemistry being one of my weaker subjects in school, I went into the real exam feeling the most confident in this section, thanks to how well the practice tests and notes prepared me.

A key feature of DATCrusher that I think undoubtedly allowed me to score well in the PAT section was their generators and large question bank of tiered PAT questions. DATCrusher’s generators for cube counting, angle ranking and hole punching were amazing, I practiced using them every night and was scoring nearly full marks for those sections on practice tests within a month! The question banks were an excellent source of additional practice to supplement the practice tests. PAT quickly went from my most hated section, to somewhat of a fun section for me, and I definitely went into my real exam feeling assured that I would do well.

If you take the time to practice and learn all the material DATCrusher has to offer, you will definitely be able to pull an amazing score on the Canadian DAT!