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9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Alethia Li

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Alethia Li
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Testimonial of Alethia
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Booster Prep

INBDEBooster is an excellent comprehensive study tool that helped me prepare for the national board.
It was the only online resource I used other than Mental Dental videos. There are tons of questions covering all subjects, simulating the real-time exam to test my clinical knowledge and the ability to reason. The thorough explanations for each question and answer choice were what I found most helpful in consolidating my knowledge. When studying for the board, I was most concerned about human anatomy. I was very glad that INBDEBooster made the videos over the H&N anatomy. The contents of the videos are targeted/focused on the most important/relevant information that I need to know for the exam. It allowed me to refresh my memory of the material I learned in dental school in a less intimidating manner. Also, I really appreciated how responsive the team was in answering questions. I recommend INBDEBooster for anyone who would like to ace the INBDE.