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12 April, 2024

Testimonial of Nam Zhou

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Nam Zhou
26 AA ● 26 TS
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Nam's Testimonial
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 I am immensely grateful for the exceptional resources and assistance provided by DATBooster, which undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my success.

I am thoroughly impressed with the content videos provided by DATBooster. They highlight essential information necessary to tackle various problem types, making learning a breeze. Personally, I found the biology videos particularly enjoyable, as they managed to maintain my focus with their engaging content and artistic presentation. What's remarkable is how closely the biology, organic chemistry, and math sections mirror the real DAT exam, which undoubtedly contributed to my outstanding score of 30 in the biology section. Moreover, the availability of specialists online to address any queries or confusion in real-time provided me with invaluable reassurance and support throughout my learning journey. Despite encountering some challenging sections in the PAT category, I felt adequately prepared, thanks to DATBooster's comprehensive preparation materials. 

After utilizing both DATBooster and other sources, I strongly advocate for pre-dental students to opt for DATBooster due to its exceptional representation of the actual exam. Moreover, DATBooster offers numerous additional features designed to enhance the preparation experience, including the dental schools' page, which I believe is incredibly advantageous and time-efficient for students. Personally, I believe that DATBooster has been instrumental in supporting my dental school application process.