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17 September, 2023

Testimonial of Hameed Jamal

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Hameed Jamal
24 AA ● 26 TS
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Hameed's Testimonial
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Using DATBooster is the best decision I could have made and I wouldn’t have scored the way I did without it.

Utilizing DATBooster streamlined the whole DAT preparation process. They’re unmatched in every aspect, including practice tests, video content, and study notes. Inevitably making it the best and most representative resource for the DAT.

As a first-time DAT test taker, I was beyond overwhelmed regarding the volume of DAT prep materials out there, not to mention most, if not all, were quite expensive. At the time, I was using PATBooster and heard the same company just released a prep course for the entire DAT. PATBooster is nothing less than amazing, so I figured DATBooster would be of the same high quality, which it was. DATBooster’s video content for each subject built a solid foundation for me, and supplementing it with their practice tests made sure I truly understood what I was learning from the videos. If I had any questions pertaining to the videos or practice questions, I was able to easily ask questions to their online tutors who got back to me swiftly and gave very detailed answers. I used the entire resource for 3 months and took all 10 practice tests. When it was time to take my DAT, I was beyond surprised by how representative DATBooster was to my DAT! It felt like I was just taking another practice test!

Using DATBooster is the best decision I could have made, and I wouldn’t have scored the way I did without it. Not only was it representative of the DAT, but they have essentially everything you need on their website to score very high on the test at such an affordable price. If you’re trying to find a DAT prep. resource, don’t look any further! Pick DATBooster!