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25 September, 2023

Testimonial of Thant San

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Thant San
380 AA ● 400 TS
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Thant's Testimonial
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Booster Prep
OATBooster is the #1 study tool for the OAT and contains everything you need to prepare for the OAT. See why OATBooster is used by most pre-optometry students.

OATBooster was vital for obtaining the score I wanted!

OATBooster was an amazing resource that I wish I used sooner! Before I used OATBooster, I was using other prep resources. Looking back however, I felt that those resources were not truly representative of the OAT and they were also much more difficult to learn from. In comparison, OATBooster was so much easier to study with! The practice tests and content were very representative of the actual exam and on the actual test, there were even similar style questions from the practice. Although some questions on the practice might be a tad bit harder, it truly helps to build your confidence for the actual exam. If you’re able to do well on a specific section, you know that you’ll either score the same or even higher on the actual exam! Speaking of the practice, one thing I really appreciated was the ability to get a practice score for a section test. This was very helpful in gauging how well I was actually doing on a specific subject. Additionally, if the practice tests seem easy for you, OATBooster also has extra practice questions that are a bit more challenging to test your understanding of some OAT concepts. Overall, OATBooster has an abundant reservoir of practice that’s quite representative of the actual exam!

OATBooster also had great resources for content review and learning important concepts. I truly appreciated the organic chemistry videos that were available, as they really helped with my understanding of all the important reactions. Additionally, OATBooster has amazing “cheat sheets” that summarize a lot of important information into neat, organized documents. I specifically loved the orgo reaction sheet, as well as the taxonomy summary sheet and overall, these sheets were so useful when I was short on time and needed to do some daily review.

The layout of the OATBooster website was also very accessible and easy to navigate. Everything was labeled clearly and there was no hassle in getting around from resource to resource. It really is amazing to have all these resources organized in one place and in my opinion, it just helps to streamline your studying to be even more efficient! Overall, I believe that OATBooster was vital for obtaining the score I wanted! If I was to ever write the OAT again, I would confidently choose OATBooster again to be my main prep resource!