25 September, 2023

Testimonial of Chau Phan

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Chau Phan
370 AA ● 380 TS
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Chau's Testimonial
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Booster Prep
OATBooster is the #1 study tool for the OAT and contains everything you need to prepare for the OAT. See why OATBooster is used by most pre-optometry students.

OATBooster is a worthy investment!

OATBooster is a well-structured online prep resource for the OAT. The organized modules and the helpful statistics on other students’ performance made the platform incredibly useful and unique. I really enjoyed the vast amount of content available for an affordable price. OATBooster provided different ways to deliver the materials, from videos to notes to flashcards. The different learning options allowed me to study in a way that was the most efficient for me as a full-time student.

The difficulty level of the OATBooster matched most sections of the actual OAT. Some sections on the OATBooster were actually more difficult, so they can only overprepare you which is exceptional. I used the OATBooster as my main resource to study for the OAT, and I believe that it prepared me well. The considerable number of practice questions with explanations for studying on the platform helped me the most. Overall, the OATBooster was worth the investment for me and I would recommend it to others!