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9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Simran Singh

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Simran Singh
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Simran's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

As someone who gets very stressed by standardized exams, I knew I had to find a resource in order to put myself in the best position possible to pass the INBDE.

As a fourth year dental student, the majority of my day was spent seeing patients in clinic, finishing dental requirements, studying for fourth year competencies and courses, practicing for licensing examinations, and handling all of the other stress fourth year of dental school has to offer.

I knew in order to pass this exam, I knew I had to be efficient with my time and utilize a resource that provides all of the material and practice questions needed to do well on the exam. I genuinely believe INBDEBooster is the best resource out there for studying for the INBDE. From the practice questions, to the subject notes, to the practice exams, and everything else they have to offer, I genuinely think this is the only resource out there that has everything you need through their subscription to pass the exam. I heavily recommend it to any dental student who is studying for their INBDE.

The team was so helpful. They answered my questions very quickly and gave great advice when needed. This exam is another step in achieving your goals and becoming a dentist, and I truly believe what INBDEBooster provides through its subscription will put you in the best position possible to succeed and pass the INBDE.