9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Arian Nilforushan

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Arian Nilforushan
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Arian's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

I recently utilized both INBDEBooster and a separate Bootcamp program to prepare for my INBDE. Having experienced both, I can unequivocally say that INBDEBooster offered a more effective and targeted preparation experience.

What sets INBDEBooster apart is the exceptional quality and relevancy of its question bank and study materials. The questions I encountered while using INBDEBooster were remarkably similar to those on the actual INBDE exam. This alignment not only enhanced my understanding of the subject matter but also gave me invaluable experience in tackling questions that closely mirrored those on the board exam.

While the Bootcamp program was beneficial in its own right, it was INBDE Booster that truly elevated my confidence and test-taking skills. By the time I sat for the INBDE, I felt thoroughly prepared and at ease, which I attribute mainly to my time spent with INBDEBooster.

If you’re in the process of preparing for the INBDE and are weighing your options, I strongly recommend INBDEBooster. The program is a worthwhile investment that promises both preparedness and peace of mind, something that I found incomparable to other preparatory methods.