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11 March, 2024

Canadian NDEB Study Materials

The Canadian NDEB is an exam required to obtain dental licensure in Canada. For this exam, it is important to carefully select the best Canadian NDEB study materials.
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Can INBDEBooster be used to prepare for the NDEB?

In short, the answer is yes! INBDEBooster contains everything you need to prepare for both the NDEB and the INBDE. In fact, INBDEBooster is proudly created by the founders of DATCrusher™, the largest Canadian DAT platform used by 90% of Canadians. If you’ve prepared for the Canadian DAT in the past 7 years, you’ve likely heard or used DATCrusher. Now that we’ve helped you get into dental school, we’re here to help you on the last stretch of your journey to becoming a dentist.

To ensure INBDEBooster contains everything you need to prepare for the NDEB, our team created content around the blueprint provided by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada. If you take a close look, the topics tested on the NDEB closely resemble the topics tested on the INDEB and is why INBDEBooster will help you in your preparations. This article will go into an in-depth analysis between the similarities and differences of both exams, and we will also display how INBDEBooster covers virtually all topics tested on the NBDE. Furthermore, our team has already begun releasing NDEB question banks to help you prepare.

Similarities of the NDEB Topics and Topics covered on INBDEBooster

Both exams are pass/fail and require a standard of 75 to pass. Below is a chart listing the topics that are tested on the NDEB, you will find the corresponding INBDEBooster topics that cover each respective section

What are the differences between the NDEB and INBDE?

The NDEB is a one-day written exam consisting of two separate sections of 150 questions each. On the other hand, INBDE is a computer-based exam that is divided into two days with 360 questions on the first day and 140 questions on the second day.

What resources does INBDEBooster offer?

INBDEBooster offers the following study materials that can help you on the Canadian NDEB:

  • 2100+ Representative Practice Questions for the 2023-2024 INBDE/NDEB
  • 1200+ Custom Solution Videos that teach you how to approach INBDE/NDEB questions
  • 2000+ Anki Decks Created & Updated by FrencheDentiste who is now part of the INBDE Booster team
  • 397+ Quizlet Cards to help you master pathology concepts
  • 300+ Pages of study notes that cover everything tested on the INBDE/NDEB
  • 10+ Custom INBDE Videos that review anatomy concepts tested on the INBDE/NDEB
  • Cheat Sheets that give you will cut your studying time and give you a significant advantage
  • Study Guides & Tutorials to save you valuable time and show you how to beat the INBDE/NDEB step-by-step
  • Innovative Mark-Learning System to help accelerate your learning
  • One-on-one support through the website’s online chat function

Now that you’ve learned about INBDEBooster, feel free to click here to register for a free account and get started.