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20 September, 2023

Testimonial of Kylie Bui

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Kylie Bui
23 AA ● 25 TS
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Kylie's Testimonial
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Booster Prep
DATBooster is the #1 study tool for the DAT and contains everything you need to prepare for the DAT. See why DATBooster is used by most pre-dental students.

All in all, I think DATBooster is the only thing that you need to succeed on the DAT.

Studying all over for a retake after 4 years since my last DAT was a daunting process. However, I’m glad I found DATBooster! I started preparing back in May 2021 but my working schedule was too demanding, so it dragged on until I finally decided to take a full break from working to focus on DAT prep in November. My advice for those who are working while preparing is to avoid it if you can. I regret letting it drag on because not only was it costly to reschedule, but it was also mentally draining. As a result, I really only had about 6 weeks in total to prepare and had to spend 10-12 hours at least 5 days a week. The other two days may be around 5 or 6 hours per day. I studied without any set schedule and used some of the flash cards.

I started out by going through all the videos that I could find on DATBooster and took notes. These videos covered crucial and detailed aspects, making difficult concepts easier to grasp. This part, I found, most time-consuming but it paid off on the test. Every day for 6 weeks, I made sure to do practice problems provided for each of the subject areas, marking the ones that were challenging along the way so I could go back and redo/review them later. I highly suggest you use this feature on DATBooster, as it helped me nail down my weak points. All the questions here were 95% representative of the actual test’s questions, so please utilize them. In the last two weeks leading up to the test, I reviewed Feralis notes religiously for biology and took full Practice tests every other day or every two days. This helped me gaze my time and showed me what I need to focus on to fortify my test knowledge as well as test-taking confidence. All in all, I think DATBooster is the only thing that you need to succeed on the DAT. Do your best and it’ll pay off.