16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Reid Boulet

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Reid Boulet
24 PAT ● 30 MDT
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Reid's Testimonial
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I would definitely recommend DATCrusher to anyone wanting to take the DAT as it is by far the best preparation material for the Canadian DAT available.

Hi, my name is Reid, and I was one of 32 students accepted into the University of Alberta DDS class of 2021. I started studying for the DAT last summer before I started my second year of undergrad. I found it very difficult to find relevant material for the Canadian DAT as all of the prep books are geared towards the American DAT, which does have some differences. I was at the University of Alberta in September where I met Shahed and was introduced to the DATCrusher, a Canadian DAT prep website.

I found the PAT generators very helpful for practicing. This allowed me to do hundreds of different questions with the same difficulty or maybe even a little bit harder than what was actually on the DAT. The Science questions and exams were also a good way to get used to the speed of the actual DAT. These practice exams allowed me to get my timing down so I had time to review and didn’t feel rushed. DATCrusher also gave me a practice reading comp. passage which also helped a lot as the Canadian and American reading comp portions are very different. Using DATCrusher I definitely felt very confident and prepared going into the DAT and I was able to achieve high scores.