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16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Ansha Suleman

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Ansha Suleman
21 AA ● 22 TS
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Ansha's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

I couldn’t have done it without DATCrusher!

Preparing for a standardized test for the first time, I felt very unsure initially going into the process. I had heard of several resources that students had used in the past, but wasn’t sure which to choose to begin my studying. After spending several hours researching and discussing with others, I was excited to choose DATCrusher as my DAT study resource. This was definitely the best decision I made!

The DATCrusher Team constantly provided me with reassurance and tips on how to succeed on the various sections of the DAT. The PAT section was my greatest weak point and where I needed to improve the most, and the DATCrusher team was able to guide me through this process to success! The practice tests allowed me to focus on my weak areas and stimulate the real test-taking experience. As Test Day approached, I found myself feeling calm knowing that I had followed DATCrusher’s study schedules and completed all practise questions.

I am extremely grateful to the DATCrusher Team for all their support and for creating a highly representative, easy-to-use study resource! I highly recommend DATCrusher to anyone else beginning their cDAT journey – rest assured you will be in excellent hands!