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31 October, 2023

Testimonial of Minkook Kim

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Minkook Kim
25 AA ● 26 TS
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Minkook's Testimonial
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Because of DATBooster, I was able to raise 4 points on my AA and 6 points on TS.

When I first took the DAT, I was a student with a strong science background as a Biology major. However, I only planned on retaking the DAT after serving for 18 months of military service. So, choosing the best method of studying was essential to improve my score. After carefully reviewing people’s posts and my friends’ recommendations, I decided to utilize DATBooster as a main source of studying for the exam.

As many people did, I followed the 12-week schedule. Rebuilding the science background after being apart from university for 2 years was tough, but the contents and condensed notes were extremely concise and easy to understand. Thankfully, I was able to catch up with the material faster than I expected, so I had more time in the end and continued reviewing all the questions that I missed on the first try and went over every answer choice of each question to understand why those answer choices were incorrect. Because of DATBooster, I was able to raise 4 points on my AA and 6 points on TS. Everything DATBooster provided was extremely helpful and I recommend to everyone who is planning on taking the DAT to utilize this source to ace the exam. 

Good luck!