9 March, 2024

Testimonial of Mayya Velitskaya

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Mayya Velitskaya
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Mayya's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

I chose INBDEBooster because of its combination of videos, study guides, and practice questions. INBDEBooster’s material prepared me well to pass the INBDE.

The questions were very representative of what was on the actual exam. I liked that I could go through practice questions in different subject areas at my own pace, marking questions that I wanted to review again and seeing my progress in the progress bar for each subject. The case questions were similar to what was on the INBDE as well, with two to five questions per case. The way that the “cheat sheets” were organized was great for reviewing information, especially for pharmacology and oral pathology. I am very happy with INBDEBooster’s resources, which were offered at a reasonable price and were more than enough to help me pass the INBDE.