16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Kyle Ma

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Kyle Ma
27 AA ● 30 TS
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Kyle's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

DATCrusher is the only resource you need for the Canadian DAT and I would highly recommend it!

When I first started studying for the DAT, I got so much conflicting advice on what kinds of materials to use and had to differentiate between what was used for the Canadian DAT and what was used for the American DAT. Finding DATCrusher was a lifesaver. It cleared up all the confusion that I had from skimming through online forums.

Having all the science notes put in one place saved me a ton of time and effort in researching what’s tested and compiling notes myself. The practice tests are full of high-yield questions that accurately reflect what was on the actual test! The PAT section was really tricky when I first started studying for it, but using the PAT generator every day helped develop my skills and confidence in tackling these types of questions. There were also lots of helpful tips, strategies, and even a study schedule that I would never have thought of myself that I used to simplify my approach to studying for each section of the DAT.

When it came time to write the DAT, the test felt just like the practice tests offered at DATCrusher! After seeing how the questions were the same as, if not easier, than the ones I practiced, I was able to confidently CRUSH the DAT like it was any other practice test.