16 February, 2024

Testimonial of Dean Emanuel

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Dean Emanuel
23 AA ● 24 TS
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Dean's Testimonial
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Booster Prep

Overall, DATCrusher is the only platform that I used, and I couldn’t have been more prepared.

While preparing for the cDAT, I purely used DATCrusher for two months of daily studying. It was extremely convenient having more than I needed on just one platform, saving me the struggle of going back and forth between multiple resources. There are three aspects of DATCrusher to which I attribute my success.

Firstly, there is a complete video series for each section of the cDAT, and it is tailored directly to the Canadian version of the test. Having all the high-yield information in just one module of videos made it extremely easy to study the material without missing any important topics. Additionally, the videos are engaging, which makes it an easier alternative to pure textbook studying.

Secondly, the platform allows for a full review of any past test with complete solutions to each question. This allowed me to correct all of my mistakes and identify the areas in which I struggled.

Lastly, DATCrusher has a feature that allows for direct communication with administrators for support. On several occasions, I reached out with questions regarding content, study strategies and general advice. Their responses are quick and thorough.